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Who is Eugene Kulandsky?

Eugene Kurlandsky is an artist based in Tel Aviv, Israel. With a Bachelor of Arts focused on Sculpture and Painting, followed by a Masters in Architectural Studies, Eugene developed his career both in architectural design and arts. In the last decades, he shifted his focus entirely to Fine Arts, taking part in the exhibitions and art events in Israel, Europe, and the United States, always gaining positive reviews from critics. Many of his works found a place in different private collections.

“Eugene Kurlandsky’s creative vein translates into pure pictorial expression, which recovers tradition in an innovative way, carrying out an original and non-emulative research. Sometimes the plot is diluted, acquiring a delicate metaphysical consistency and highlighting Eugene’s constant desire to let emerge a stylistic evolution increasingly aimed at a strongly intimate vision of making art. He creates works according to a personal elaborative ability, carefully analyzing and immortalizing what surrounds him and reproducing in an understandable and easily usable way, as a figurative artist in the true sense of the term, which respect spaces and dimensions, not without a pinch of underlying poetic lyricism that softens all together. the visible reality shines through, with a particular care for balance, harmony in order to enclose in his works as many emotional details as possible, in order to repropose those choices, by virtue of his personal ideal vision of things. Sensitive artist with the need to tell what he sees and interprets through his emotions, reserved is equally driven by that need to render the visions that have fascinated him through graphic images.

As Cezanne claimed: “First hear, then paint” A choice, or rather a vocation A profound connoisseur of European pictorial history, it is no coincidence that he follows in the footsteps of those masters of the “expressionist line” of western art who first used color as the main tool of expression: Matisse, Munch, Ensor, Marc. The color in his works becomes a real “code”. It arises as a linguistic and autonomous system as the choice of black and white in photography. Equipped with a phonetics, a grammar and a syntax, as well as a lexicon useful to tell the whole reality. the themes are those that touch the heart and that challenge the most intimate part of ourselves. Who are we? How much does our personal history weight? With what wealth of experiences do we look to the future? Can I trust the other? it is a collective of stories over stories that artist shows us, of intertwined voices, of looks that whisper stories of life and pain. Exhibiting these works means releasing compressed narratives, waiting to free oneself to speak out loud. The artist, while maintaining a certain adherence to reality through color, accompanies the observer to overcome every logical obstacle to project him into an unknown dimension in which intuition generates sudden flashes and the shape, the sign, the color, pierce sometimes in a cry, sometimes in a whisper, the veil of mystery that envelops the sense of human existence.”

Art Curator Giulia Zanesi