I am happy to tell all my followers that my art was a part of very nice exhibitions under the curation of Dr. Giulia Zanessi in Paris, Roma, and Milano. I am always excited to be a part of something real, not some kind of virtual presentation on the net, but to be in close contact with people in different countries with different views and mentalities. The next step is participation in the exhibition in Tokyo which suppose to be held in May. I agreed to present three works made with mixed techniques, especially for that event.

What will happen in summer.

Another great news is that I was chosen to make four large paintings for the renovated library at BYU Center in Jerusalem. The work is already in progress; I believe I’ll finish it in Autumn if everything is as planned. Every painting has 130/90 cm dimensions (canvas), and I’ll use oil with my favorite mediums. You can turn to me with questions about my art anytime, and I’ll try to answer you as soon as I can.

Wish you a great day,


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