“Limes” exhibition in Lion. Wonderful and exisitng news

CATALOGUE LIMES ART EXHIBITION LYON 2 scaled "Limes" exhibition in Lion. Wonderful and exisitng news Eugene Kurlandsky - Artworks

Lately, I took a part in the exhibition in Lion, France. It was held from 13.10-19.10.2023. I was invited to the presentation of two works: The Silence and Junction. Silence is a digital painting printed and manipulated with additional brushwork on canvas. Junction is an oil painting made on canvas. The public warmly accepted both … Read more

29 Art Facts that will Knock Your Socks Off in 2021

art facts

Let’s dazzle your mind with some fun art facts. While there is no common concept of visual art, it is widely agreed that art is the explicit development of something exquisite or profound through the application of ability and ingenuity. Across all of history and across cultures, the meaning and perceived importance of works of … Read more