“New art vibes” Roma 9-15 Sept. 2022

Contemporary art exhibition

eugene kurlandsky "New art vibes" Roma 9-15 Sept. 2022 Eugene Kurlandsky - Artworks

Sustainability and Art
9-15 September 2022
Mediana Art Gallery
Via Merulana 220, ROMA

A sensory journey that investigates the relationship between contemporary art and
food. Colors, shapes, and signs become the link between the languages of art and
taste. A shows that it wants to be a “tasting” of emotions and the discovery of
taste through pictorial images. Art and food run similar paths, characterized by
balance, harmony, passion, and commitment. If food was the protagonist of works in the past, particularly in the field of genre painting, contemporary art

Art as nourishment, experience, and education create functional change in our lives.
The great value and significance of an exhibition as a tool for reflection, awareness, and knowledge through the work of the selected artists who, with their works and
languages related to contemporary art, tackle important issues such as that
cultural innovation, sustainability, excesses, deficiencies, nutrition, our body as a
means of physical and psychological communication of our state of welfare,
justice, community, research. Reflections that revolve around questions important,
how does art nourish ourselves? What do I choose for my nourishment? Of what
do I want to feed myself?
Giulia Zanesi, Art Curator

That art exhibition was an excellent opportunity to share my works with the audience in Roma. I am grateful to the curators and organizers who invited me to take part in it. I was presented with a few works. One of them is “Saxophonist.”

Eugene K.

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