“Limes” exhibition in Lion. Wonderful and exisitng news

CATALOGUE LIMES ART EXHIBITION LYON 2 scaled "Limes" exhibition in Lion. Wonderful and exisitng news Eugene Kurlandsky - Artworks

Lately, I took a part in the exhibition in Lion, France. It was held from 13.10-19.10.2023. I was invited to the presentation of two works: The Silence and Junction. Silence is a digital painting printed and manipulated with additional brushwork on canvas. Junction is an oil painting made on canvas. The public warmly accepted both … Read more

Academia Delle Arti – MACO Museum

Fantastic exhibition in Veroli, Italy I was honored to participate in the MACO museum activities in Verolly (Italy) with a few works. One is “The Junction,” presented by the Academy in New York, and another, “The fishermen boats in Acre,” is a part of the exhibition in the White Cube – the new exhibition facility … Read more

“New art vibes” Roma 9-15 Sept. 2022

Contemporary art exhibition NEW ART VIBESSustainability and Art9-15 September 2022Mediana Art GalleryVia Merulana 220, ROMA A sensory journey that investigates the relationship between contemporary art andfood. Colors, shapes, and signs become the link between the languages of art andtaste. A shows that it wants to be a “tasting” of emotions and the discovery oftaste through … Read more

Best Art Books You Need to Read in 2021

best art books

Art books are works of visual art, a definition or criterion that may include books created by artists. The works in this exhibition were created by people who find themselves to be artists or who are considered to be artists by the art world. Artists, on the other hand, create philosophical and critical statements, autobiographies, … Read more

Best Sculptures of All Time (2021)

best sculptures of all time

Sculptures are divided into four types: molded, cast, carved, and assembled. Clay, wax, paper-mache, and plaster are some of the materials used in molded sculptures. Sculpture Modeling, creating a mold, and casting it in metal or another medium are all steps in the process of creating a cast sculpture. What is a Sculpture? Sculpture is … Read more

The Evolution of Art (2021)

evolution of art

The evolution of art can be a tricky topic. The connection between art and evolution is evolving as we gain a better understanding of it. The arts organizations survey appear to believe that the internet and social media have “increased participation” and “rendered art a more participatory experience,” as well as that they have “helped … Read more